Horizon SaaS Questions and Answers


I cannot store my Citrix password anymore why ?

Accessing Horizon with Citrix Workspace or a web browser? What is the difference?

Do I need to install Citrix Workspace if I access Horizon with the web browser?

Why would I use web browser over Citrix Workspace agent?


How are licenses assigned?

Can I use the same license on multiple computers?

Can I use Horizon on my mobile/tablet?

Can I install the same Citrix license on 2 different computers?


How do I access my local drives?

How do I access my Network drives?


I do not see my printers in my citrix session, why?


Is my Citrix access secured?


Why do I have to use the DEP icon to run Day End process?


I am getting disconnected every Monday morning. Why?


I want to run SQL scripts myself, am I allowed to do it?


How often do you backup my database?


Can I change my Citrix password?